EU outreach expert meetings archive

Experts Meetings are conducted within the framework of the EU-Outreach programme on Export Control of Dual-Use Items. These meetings are particularly targeted at the project’s EU experts. They contribute to a common understanding of the ongoing project work, offer the opportunity to discuss important topics relevant to the outreach activities and provide the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge among the experts.

EU P2P ATT Project Experts Meeting

EU P2P ATT Project Experts Meeting

15/06/2016 - 16/06/2016 Arms Trade Treaty

On 15-16 June a meeting of ATT experts took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Being the final experts meeting in the framework of ATT project, the meeting provided on the one hand a retrospect on the lessons learned and on the other hand an ...

ATT-OP Experts Meeting / ATT Round Table

08/12/2015 - 10/12/2015 ATT

On December 8-10, a combined EU ATT outreach programme Experts Meeting / ATT Round Table will take place in Frankfurt, Germany.The Experts Meeting will focus on providing a general project update as well as on discussing three key topics that ...

ATT Outreach Experts Meeting II

24/06/2015 - 25/06/2015 ATT

On 24 – 25 June 2015, a group of international experts gathered in Eschborn at BAFA for the second experts meeting in the framework of the EU ATT-Outreach Project (ATT-OP).

August 2014, Arms Trade Treaty Experts Meeting

Arms Trade Treaty

From 27-28 August 2014, the first Experts Meeting within the framework of the EU ATT Outreach Project (ATT-OP) will take place in Eschborn, Germany. 

December 2013, EU-Outreach Programme – Round Table

17/12/2013 - 18/12/2013 Dual-use

Eschborn, 17 – 18 December 2013
Venue: Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA)

February/March 2011, Frankfurt

Outreach in Dual-use

The fifth experts’ meeting acted as the kick-off for the new Long Term Programme 2011 and was held in Frankfurt from 28th February to 1st of March. BAFA was honoured that besides close to 80 experts from almost ...

December 2009, Frankfurt

Outreach in Dual-use

This fourth experts’ meeting was held in Frankfurt close to the Christmas week. It built on the results of the experts’ meetings 2007 and 2008. Experts met to recall the state of affairs of the implementation of the assistance ...

December 2008, Cologne

Outreach in Dual-use

A conference dedicated to European experts in the field of custom and enforcement took place in Cologne, Germany, from 8 to 10 December 2008. The conference aimed at devoping the contents for customs related activities under the programme. The ...

December 2007, Frankfurt

Outreach in Dual-use

The first experts' meeting on the EU-Outreach Projects carried out by BAFA took place in Frankfurt, Germany from 10 - 11 December 2007. After the welcoming speeches by BAFA president Dr. Arnold Wallraff, Mr. Nicholas ...

March 2006, Frankfurt

Outreach in Dual-use

The Kick-off-meeting for the two current EU-projects implemented by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) took place on Monday and Tuesday 06th and 07th March 2006 in Frankfurt and was attended by 56 international experts ...