ATT OP II: First Experts' Meeting & Train-the-Trainer Academy

ATT OP II: First Experts' Meeting & Train-the-Trainer Academy

Event date: 23/01/2018 - 25/01/2018 Export event

The First Experts Meeting under the new ATT-OP II took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 23 and 24 January 2018. The two day meeting aimed to inform experts participating in the EU ATT OP II about the most recent developments within the project and in the partner countries, as well as to elaborate common approaches for knowledge-sharing and to exchange views on international cooperation and support in the area of arms transfers. The First Train-the-Trainer Academy Workshop for ATT-OP II was conducted subsequently, on 25 January 2018.

After the introduction ceremony, presentations offered the outcomes of the first project as well as the content and technical guidelines for the new project, which is based on Council Decision 2017/915. After this, presentations on the role of experts in the new ATT-OP II, the current status of ATT worldwide and the results of the last Conference of State Parties were provided. The day closed with a session on the status of ATT in the partner regions.
The update on the status of ATT implementation in the partner regions continued in the morning of the second day. This day included also a presentation on challenges linked with the implementation of ATT in partner countries and ways to overcome these challenges.

The Train-the-Trainer Academy workshop set the assistance provided by the EU P2P ATT Outreach Programme on an even more sustainable footing by enabling a representative of the project's partner country to share knowledge with colleagues and key authorities in the field of export control in their country and assist in capacity building back home.

The workshop began with an introduction into methods and presentation techniques. Subsequently the participants were given presentations by international experts in the fields of reporting under the ATT, licensing with focus on end-user certificates as well as inter-agency cooperation from the point of view of a trainer. The workshop was attended by representatives of various long term partner countries.

Both meetings were marked by an overwhelmingly good participation of the audience and contributions to discussions by experts as well as representatives from partner countries.