February/March 2011, Frankfurt

Outreach in Dual-use

The fifth experts’ meeting acted as the kick-off for the new Long Term Programme 2011 and was held in Frankfurt from 28th February to 1st of March. BAFA was honoured that besides close to 80 experts from almost all EU Member States, representatives from EU Commission, Mr. Jean-Paul Joulia; EU Joint Research Centre, Dr. Filippo Sevini; Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Dr. Sibylle Bauer; and German Trade and Invest (GTAI), Fausi Najjar, attended the meeting, giving presentations.

Due to the new LTP 2011 contract signed in December 2010 the meeting provided the opportunity to look back on the developments of the EU Long Term Programme over the last years and to give a forecast about upcoming steps and aims of the programme. The first day of the meeting was directed to the developments in the LTP in the past and in the future as well as to Centres of Excellence presented by Mr. Jean-Paul Joulia, Head of Unit Nuclear Safety. In addition, “Methods, Risk and Challenges for outreach to third countries” were presented by different stakeholders like EU Joint Research Centre, BAFA and SIPRI. A summary of the results of the survey/evaluation filled in by the experts was given as well as a presentation concerning the tools of communication and visibility of the LTP.

The second day was focussed on regional events and the respective outreach activities carried out within the programme. After a presentation of GTAI concerning “Methods, Risk and Challenges for outreach to third countries”, the plenum was divided into four breakout groups: experts were asked to choose the breakout group they are most interested in. The groups were concentrated on the regions, namely

  • Eastern Europe and Caucasus,
  • North Africa and the Middle East,
  • South East Europe as well as
  • South East Asia & China.

During the breakout groups, at first, an introduction about the activities already conducted under the LTP 2008 was given, followed by an overview of the impact already achieved and the future objectives identified. The breakout groups concluded with a discussion about how to reach the objectives and how to meet specific challenges related to countries/region. To inform all experts about the result of each group a summary for each breakout group was given.

Kick-Off Experts Meeting 2011
Breakout Group 1: Eastern Europe and the Caucasus
Breakout Group 2: North Africa and the Middle East
Breakout Group 3: South East Europe
Breakout Group 4: South East Asia & China
Plenary Session I: Developments of the EU Long Term Programme (LTP)
Plenary Session II: Centres of Excellence – a New Partner in Outreach Activities
Plenary Session IV Outreach to Third Countries: Methods, Risks and Challenges – Joint Research Centre
Plenary Session IV Outreach to Third Countries: Methods, Risks and Challenges – BAFA
Plenary Session IV – Summary: Outreach to Third Countries: Methods, Risks and Challenges
Plenary Session V: LTP Evaluation – Experts’ Feedback
Plenary Session VI: LTP – Visibility and Communication