December 2009, Frankfurt

Outreach in Dual-use

This fourth experts’ meeting was held in Frankfurt close to the Christmas week. It built on the results of the experts’ meetings 2007 and 2008. Experts met to recall the state of affairs of the implementation of the assistance project activities and to be informed about the situation in the partner countries.  A further important purpose of the meeting was to elaborate whether recommendations on the project work drafted by the previous experts’ meetings need to be updated. 

134 experts from almost all EU Member States participated in this meeting, among them representatives of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

The experts came from different areas involved in export control: Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Economy, Ministries of Commerce, Ministries of Finance, customs and licensing offices, security police board, industry. The industry representatives came from large international companies.

“Export control is an appropriate and effective measure against the threat of WMD

In the experts’ meeting this key message was emphasised in the introductory speeches. The keynote speakers - Dr. Arnold Wallraff, the President of BAFA, Dr. Andreas Strub, Deputy to the Personal Representative on Non-Proliferation, Dr. Karl Brauner, Director General of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Ambassador Andreas Ekman Duse, Director of the Swedish ISP and Mr. Georg Pietsch, Director General and Project Leader, BAFA - focussed on the statement that WMD poses one of the greatest threats to global security.

Impressive reports on all partner countries, including ad-hoc countries, were given. The outstanding successes that characterises the cooperation with some countries were shown. Besides, an overview was given of the challenges faced in some countries, e.g. complex decision-making structures.

The second day of the meeting focussed on workshops dealing with the following pillars of the export control assistance programme:

  1. Licensing and legal
  2. Customs, enforcement
  3. Awareness, outreach, political support.

The pictures of the event are available on the Picture Gallery.

Experts Meeting Agenda, December 2009
Detailed Report on Experts' Meeting 14 - 15 Dec. 2009
Speech Mr. Georg Pietsch, Director General and Project Leader, BAFA
Working group 1, Legal and Licensing - Recommendations
Working group 3, Awareness, Outreach and Political Support – Recommendations