ATT-OP Experts Meeting / ATT Round Table


Event date: 08/12/2015 - 10/12/2015 Export event

On December 8-10, a combined EU ATT outreach programme Experts Meeting / ATT Round Table will take place in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Experts Meeting will focus on providing a general project update as well as on discussing three key topics that have been raised in the majority of roadmap countries, namely ‘licensing’, ‘enforcement’ and ‘reporting’.

The objective of the meeting is to facilitate an exchange on best practices for the integration of these topics in the countries' roadmaps and related activities. The ATT Round Table will give the partner countries of the EU ATT Outreach Project and nationally-funded projects the opportunity to share their experiences with regard to national ATT ratification and implementation and to discuss among themselves as well as with EU experts any challenges, needs and priorities identified.

On December 10, the focus will become more technical with breakout groups addressing specific issues related to enforcement/illicit trade and reporting obligations of the ATT. Ultimately, the goal of this meeting is to help countries enhance their ATT implementation strategies while maximising the effects of cooperation at an international level. Participating countries for the ATT Round Table include Benin, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Ghana, Jamaica, Peru, the Philippines and Senegal.