EU P2P ATT Project Experts Meeting

EU P2P ATT Project Experts Meeting

Arms Trade Treaty

Event date: 15/06/2016 - 16/06/2016 Export event

On 15-16 June a meeting of ATT experts took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Being the final experts meeting in the framework of ATT project, the meeting provided on the one hand a retrospect on the lessons learned and on the other hand an outlook on next steps and a continuation of the project.

The idea behind the meeting was to put into practice Articles 15 and 16 of the ATT by offering a forum to discuss ways and possibilities to foster regional cooperation and to facilitate international assistance. At the same time the meeting aimed at expanding and opening the pool of experts by inviting a large number of representatives from partner countries and training them to be themselves experts for future outreach activities.


A total of 53 attendees comprised members of the expert panel, who had been contributing to assistance programs in a wide range of countries, representatives of ATT-OP partner countries, representatives of NGOs and international organisations as well as BAFA project management staff and support staff.


The first day provided a general introduction to the project, to the role of experts and to the material for experts covering key topics of the ATT such as decision making, listed items, controlled transfers, record keeping and reporting and diversion. The second day focused on regional cooperation, in particular the role of regional organisations, and on international assistance. Representatives from regional organisations shared their different approaches and underlined the fact that regional cooperation enhances national implementation. A representative from UNLIREC presented on the assistance program provided by the UN in Latin America.


On both days the speakers met with a lively and interested audience that brought forward many remarkable comments and questions. Numerous participants from partner countries expressed their gratitude towards the project and its implementer and wished for a continuation of the project.