Alpbach (AUT), August 2013

Alpbach (AUT), August 2013

Multilateral Conferences

Event date: 20/08/2013 - 21/08/2013

EU-Outreach in Export Control of Dual-use Items: Non-proliferation versus fundamental rights and scientific freedom – a Debating Forum “Science Meets Practice” –
The small Tyrolean village of Alpbach has hosted the annual European Forum since 1945. The forum serves as a platform for politicians, academics, practitioners and students with different backgrounds to discuss European and global challenges and to find common solutions.
This year, the EU-Outreach programme in Export Control of Dual-Use Items participated in this event in the course of a debating forum on 20 and 21 August 2013. The invitation-only event on the first day was dedicated to research institutions which are involved in the subject of non-proliferation as well as to representatives from European export control authorities. It gave the opportunity of an interactive exchange between both groups.
A special focus was laid on the relation between fundamental rights and the fight against weapons of mass destruction (WMD). There was a fruitful debate on the question as to which extent research activities should be controlled in order to prevent their proliferation. In this regard, the high relevance of internal control mechanisms (“codes of conduct”) was underlined. These are mechanisms used by research institutes to assure a responsible use of their know-how.
In the course of the discussion, different instruments in export control systems aiming at the protection of human rights were compared. The participants used the opportunity to discuss this aspect from different angles.
The second day was open to all interested participants of the forum. Among the attendees was a great number of students from different research backgrounds. Here, a particular focus was laid on the European Strategy against Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (adopted by the European Council in December 2003). There was broad agreement between the participants that prevention of WMD strongly requires international cooperation, both between EU Member States and on a global level.


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