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Second Knowledge Dissemination Event in Rabat, Morocco


Event date: 26/09/2016 - 28/09/2016

The implementing consortium of the European Union Partner-to-Partner (EUP2P) Programme on Dual-Use Goods in coordination with the Moroccan National Dual-Use Goods Commission organised the second of two workshops on CBRN dual-use goods trade control from 26 to 28 September 2016 in Rabat.

Two modules were selected from the European Common Training Toolkit (ECOTT) and were primarily addressed at border protection personnel: the identification of dual-use goods from a customs perspective and techniques of interdiction. In view of the projects of Morocco to soon adopt and enforce an effective legal framework for controlling the international trade of these sensitive goods, the workshop was important and well timed.


Participants from the key authorities in charge of controlling risks associated to the movement of dual-use goods were represented and actively participated to the lectures and exercises proposed by European trainers. The Moroccan partners expressed their intention to disseminate this knowledge and know-how acquired for enhancing the national enforcement capacities for the protection of the national borders and ensuring international security according to the highest international standards and with the support of the European Union.


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