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First EUP2P Legal Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon

First EUP2P Legal Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon


Event date: 28/02/2017 - 01/03/2017

The EUP2P Consortium organised together with the National Focal Point (Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, Presidency of the Council of Ministers) a workshop on the legal framework of the Lebanon in relation to dual-use trade controls, in Beirut on February, 28 and March, 1 2017.


The objective of the workshop was to present and discuss with local experts the existing laws and regulations of Lebanon that establish controls on trade and study the possibilities for enhancing controls on certain dual-use items that can be technically diverted to proliferation and non-peaceful purposes. 17 participants from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission (Ministry of Health), the Customs, the Lebanese Armed Forces, the Internal Security Forces and the Ministries of Agriculture, Industry and Economy and Trade shared their experiences and contributed to defining steps for a national dual-use trade control system based on mechanisms in place and available international best practices.


After fruitful exchanges of views and reporting on current practices of controls, it emerged that participating stakeholders in the workshop share similar aspirations concerning the way forward for the adoption and implementation of a dual-use trade control framework in Lebanon. The general consensus is to amend the current legal framework, and notably the national Customs Law, in order to define a licensing process underpinned by competences already exercised by competent Ministries  and complemented where necessary by inter-ministerial coordination mechanisms.


The experts committed to engaging with interested parties in the EU in order to move this process forward under the European Union P2P Programme.


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