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Third National Seminar on Capacity Building in Kiev, Ukraine

Third National Seminar on Capacity Building in Kiev, Ukraine


Event date: 06/06/2017 - 08/06/2017

In the framework of the EU P2P Programme on Export Controls of Dual-Use Goods the Third National Seminar took place on 6-8 June in Kiev, Ukraine.

The seminar addressed relevant authorities involved in strategic trade controls such as the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Fiscal Service, State Border Guard Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Security Service and State Service of Export Control. The seminar presented EU current practice on intangible transfers of technology, end-use and end-user verification as well as existing practices for the transfer of controlled items under special customs procedures and especially in free trade zones or, otherwise free ports.

In order to achieve the objectives of the seminar, the participants had to deal with different scenarios and resolve in small groups the case studies prepared by the EU experts. Each session was followed by a presentation and discussion on the possible solutions. As a result, the participants had an opportunity to discuss in-depth and exchange views with their colleagues from different EU MS.

EU and WCO Experts from France, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine supported this event by presenting existing practices, case studies and moderating practice oriented sessions.


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