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General Awareness Raising Seminar for Myanmar Officials

General Awareness Raising Seminar for Myanmar Officials


Event date: 05/06/2017 - 07/06/2017

The EU P2P Consortium organised together with the Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar, a General Awareness Raising Seminar on Strategic Trade Controls for Myanmar Officials in Nay Pyi Taw from 5 to 7 June 2017.

The objectives of this seminar were to improve existing capacities in human capital in Myanmar and promote the establishment of further legislation and controls over dual use goods. Outreach seminars of this kind are important to draw attention within the country on the added value of trade controls in a context where existing laws and regulations are already controlling imports and exports of a wide variety of goods and items including a limited number of goods that are dual use in nature. It is also aimed at increasing the awareness of export control issues among the participants by exposing them to international standards and new developments in export control.

This seminar targeted mainly front line officers at the ports and airports and Government agencies that are involved in licensing and issuing authorisations for hazardous, dangerous and radiation related products, including goods controlled on grounds of national interest and security. Raising awareness among front line officers on dual use export controls is a necessary preparatory step before eventually enacting and enforcing dual-use trade controls in Myanmar.

The Director General of Trade, Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, provided the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the seminar. The First Secretary at the Delegation of the EU Mission in Myanmar, representing the EU, provided the opening remarks. Thirty attendees representing various stakeholders of the Myanmar Government participated in the seminar. In addition to these participants, the opening ceremony was also attended by 23 other senior level officials representing important Ministries and Agencies in Myanmar. The presence of these senior officials is indicative of the importance Myanmar places in learning more on dual use controls. To take advantage of their presence, the officials were given a short briefing on what is a strategic trade control system and why is it important for Myanmar.

The participants were exposed to important topics and issues relevant to dual use controls including: transit, transshipment and brokering controls; the control list and the catch-all provision; application procedure, assessment and decision making process for licenses; latest trends in illicit trade; the role of customs in strategic trade controls; interdiction principles. The Malaysian experience in adopting and enforcing dual use controls was also discussed.

The event was conducted by four key experts working under the EU P2P export control programme for dual use goods.


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