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Training on Startegic Trade Controls Enforcement (STCE) for Philippines Customs


Event date: 24/07/2017 - 27/07/2017

The Philippines adopted in 2015 the Strategic Trade Management Act (STMA). The STMA is a comprehensive legislation of international standard that deals with all key elements required to control trade in dual use goods, including exports, re-exports, transit, transshipment, brokering, technical assistance and intangible technology transfers.

The Philippines Customs Department will be in the front line of controlling imports, exports, transit and transshipment of dual use goods. This task requires capacity building support to effectively enforce the controls prescribed in the STMA.

To support this development, a training on strategic trade controls enforcement based on the World Customs Organisation (WCO) curriculum was conducted within the framework of the EU P2P Outreach Programme on export Controls of dual-use goods.

Thirty customs officials participated in the training which was conducted by a total of five experts, two from the WCO and two from the roster of experts of the EU P2P export control programme on dual-use goods.


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