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National Workshop on Strategic Trade Control Enforcement for Lao PDR

Event date: 23/04/2018 - 26/04/2018

A “National Workshop on Strategic Trade Controls Enforcement (STCE) for Lao PDR Enforcement Agencies” was organised by the implementing consortium of the EU P2P Programme on Dual-Use Goods Trade Control – led by Expertise France- in Vientiane, Lao PDR form 23 to 26 April 2018.

The objective of this workshop was to increase the knowledge of front-line officers from the Lao Customs Administration and other enforcement agencies working in ports, airports and other border crossing points in identifying dual-use goods. With this workshop, it is expected that the twenty five participants will be better positioned to take necessary actions to control import and export of atomic energy related goods, poisons, chemicals and biological agents and to interdict illicit trade that may contribute to global proliferation of dual-use items. Dual-use describes research, knowledge, technology and material that is intended for good purposes but could potentially be misused to harm humans, animals or the environment.

This type of workshop is an adaptation of the World Customs Organization Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (STCE) curriculum training into a capacity building initiative under the EU P2P, to specifically address the needs of enforcement agencies in Lao PDR. The training was provided by four experts with wide experience and knowledge in dual-use goods and trade. The workshop exposed enforcement officers to the EU Control List and the characteristics, packaging and markings usually found in/on various dual-use materials and items. It trained Laotian enforcement officers what to look out in order to identify items that may be of dual-use nature. It also stressed the inter-agency effort required to enforce controls over strategic goods and items.

Lao PDR plans to step up its controls over trade in dual-use goods. Presently Laotian Customs and several other agencies have responsibilities under different legislation frameworks to enforce controls over import/export, the movement and use of hazardous and dangerous items as well as other goods of concern due to public safety and national interests.


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