The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was adopted by the UN General Assembly in April 2013 and opened for signature on 3 June 2013. Following the ratification by more than 50 States, the ATT entered into force on 24 December 2014.


The effective implementation of treaty provisions as well as its universalisation will secure the impact of the ATT on global arms transfer. However, being able to control arms transfer carries resource implications and, consequently, some countries might need legal and/or administrative assistance in order to be able to effectively implement the Treaty.


To contribute to addressing the challenges, the EU adopted an ambitious implementation support programme for non-EU countries co-financed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany under Council Decision 2013/768/CFSP in December 2013. (budget: 6.4 million EUR). This programme will assist a number of non-EU countries, upon their request, in strengthening their arms transfer systems in line with the requirements of the Treaty. There will also be a consistent effort to reach out to countries not yet party to the Treaty.


A fact sheet of the EU programme is available here.


The ATT Outreach programme guide is available here.